Coffee Cups vs. Mugs: What is the different?

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Coffee cups and mugs are used to drink coffee. Coffee cups have many people use them in cafes, friends' homes and other places. Ceramic cups are often found in family gatherings or at home because they can be easily cleaned with water.


Origins of coffee cups and mugs

Coffee cups were first invented in the Netherlands by Dutch scientist Cornelis Drebbel in 1619, who used porcelain to make the first coffee cup. At this time, porcelain was the most popular material for making ceramics because it was easy to mold and fired up into a strong, smooth surface. In fact, China had been making porcelain for hundreds of years before this point. While many people associate Chinese culture with tea drinking, it turns out that they also liked their coffee!

In contrast to cups made from porcelain, mugs were developed by Chinese potters sometime around 1450 CE (Common Era). For example: one particular type of mug called a "liáng" was made from clay using a very specific technique—the shape would be formed over an iron rod while still soft enough to bend easily into its final shape while drying.

Coffee cup vs. Mug : What is the different

A coffee cup is larger and wider than a mug, with a volume of 12–20 oz. In contrast to the wide mouth of a coffee cup, mugs have narrow mouths that are about 1 in (3 cm) wide.

Mug vs. Coffee Cup: Material

Coffee cups are usually made from paper or polystyrene foam which can be easily recycled. Mugs are usually made from ceramic or glass material that is not easily recyclable but can last longer when compared to plastic cups.

Mug vs. Coffee Cup: Durability

While both types of containers hold hot beverages for extended periods of time without breaking down at high temperatures, mugs have been shown to retain heat better than paper or polystyrene foam cups do because they retain less moisture which evaporates during the transfer process between air and water – this means that they keep their contents hotter longer than other types of containers would; however, this also makes them more likely to break if dropped onto surfaces such as concrete floors!

Mug vs. Coffee Cup: Size

Coffee Cups - A coffee cup serves in a coffee shop, an informal family gathering, or as an individual drinker.

The large size will be used every day.

Mugs are often small in size, making them suitable for travel. They can also be used as a portable kettle to warm up coffee on the go. A mug is not as large as a coffee cup, but it has similar functions and uses.


When it comes to coffee cups vs. mugs, there are a few things you should know:

  • Mugs tend to have thicker walls than ceramic cups, which makes them more durable and long-lasting. If you want your mug to last longer and be able to withstand daily use, then a mug is the way to go.
  • If you’re looking for something that can be personalized and customized with your favorite designs or fonts, then a mug is perfect! It will look much different than a simple ceramic cup would do.
  • In addition, since mugs tend to have thick walls they can also hold more liquids than ceramic cups (or even glasses). This means that if you travel often with coffee in hand like I do then using a sturdy mug may be better suited for traveling purposes because they don’t easily break when dropped!


If you want to choose a gift, either a mug or ceramic cup is fine! If the mug is made of porcelain, it will be more convenient to use in the microwave than an ordinary cup, which makes it safer when reheating food and drinks. Pottery is usually not recommended for microwave ovens because of possible radiation issues that can cause health problems.

People prefer to receive creative design such as Patchwork Pattern Coffee Mug. This coffee mug makes a unique gift for someone who enjoys a special coffee or tea experience. Each piece is handmade in our Muabomb studio.


It's hard to choose between a coffee cup and a mug! If you would like to choose the “right” gift effectively, think about Muabomb coffee mugs.

If you want to customize your mug or ceramic cup because of its personalization, then you should use a mug. If you want to choose a gift, either of them is fine! Pottery is usually not recommended for microwave ovens because of possible radiation issues that can cause health problems.

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